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Exhibits to See at the St. Petersburg Museum of History

For almost a hundred years, St. Petersburg Museum of History has been an exhibit of history itself. The Museum has, over the years, played host to many of the city’s and the county’s archives. Visitors can relish in the rich heritage of the founding of St. Pete, from the very groundbreaking activities for the Orange Belt railroad to the establishment of the Women’s Town Improvement League. The Museum also takes baseball fans to the inaugural season of the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Birth of Commercial Flight

St. Petersburg is the home of the very first commercial flight that took 23 minutes to fly across Tampa Bay between St. Petersburg and Tampa. Shortly before 10 in the morning of the 1st day of January 1914, Tony Janus piloted the Benoist XIV biplane seaplane from the St. Petersburg Pier to make the 22-mile journey across Tampa Bay with the St. Petersburg’s mayor, Abraham C. Pheil paying $5 for the inaugural flight of the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line. This was the first time that an airplane was used to exclusively airlift a passenger from one place to another.

While the first airline only lasted 3 months in the air, ferrying more than 1,200 passengers between the two cities, it nevertheless made its mark in aviation history. In 1984, the Florida Aviation Historical Society commissioned aviation builders to recreate the Lark Duluth that flew during those times. This fully operational full scale replica of the Benoist XIV is now on display at the Museum and has been a major attraction ever since.

Schrader’s Little Cooperstown for Baseball Fans

Loyal followers of the Major League Baseball will find Schrader’s Little Cooperstown a heaven for baseball artifacts and other memorabilia. On display are not less than 4,800 fully autographed, well kept, baseballs alongside storyboards, documents, and artifacts from the game’s foremost names. Included in the long list of baseball’s greatest who have an imprint on the halls of St. Petersburg Museum of History include Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson. Also on display are photographs of spring training sessions of other MLB teams like the Yankees, Mets, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and the Pirates, just to name a few.

Other Exhibits

The Museum strives to provide a variety of exhibits over a certain period of time. It is thus best to visit the Museum regularly to learn newer stories to be told.

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5 Things You Can Do at the St. Petersburg Museum of History

St. Petersburg Museum of History is home to a lot of historical artifacts that have helped shape the landscape of the Pinellas County of Florida and the city of a quarter of a million people. Here are 5 things you can do to contribute to the noble aims of the St. Petersburg Museum of History.

St. Petersburg Museum of History

Become a Museum Member

By becoming a member of the St. Petersburg Museum of History, you get to enjoy admission to the different exhibitions at the museum. You can also gain access to the archival library where you can immerse yourself some more on the rich cultural heritage of this region in Florida. You will also receive exclusive invitations to previews, programs, workshops, special events, receptions, and even parties. This is particularly useful if you are pursuing a degree in history or simply would like to learn more about the storied past of St. Petersburg and the Pinellas County.

Participate in the Many Museum Projects

The St. Petersburg Museum of History initiates a variety of projects from time to time often depending on the projected theme for the year. This is also in keeping with current trends occurring the world over. For example, you can participate in the St. Petersburg Founding Families History Project where you will have the chance to interview the direct descendants of the founding families of St. Petersburg particularly those who lived in the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. Another worthwhile project is the War Veteran Stories where veterans of wars are interviewed and filmed to provide to future generations a better understanding of the harsh realities of war and conflict.


Volunteer as a Museum Assistant

If you like to work in an environment that is rich in stories of the past, then volunteering as a museum assistant will be an exciting idea. The St. Petersburg Museum of History accepts volunteers to assist museum officials and personnel in the preservation of historical objects or artifacts that speak of the storied past of Pinellas County and, more importantly, St. Petersburg. You can take this opportunity to really get up close and really personal with these historical items of the city and the county.

Save some Cash and Donate

If you cannot volunteer to become a museum assistant, then maybe saving a few dollars every day for several months can generate enough money to donate to the museum. For larger donations, the museum guarantees more favorable tax-saving benefits in addition to other benefits enjoyed by other donors from all income levels.

Create Your Own Legacy Brick

Did you know that when you donate to the St. Petersburg Museum of History, you can have the chance to immortalize the moment, yourself, or even your family in commemorative bricks or tiles? What better way to put your legacy at the museum than having a tile commemorating you and those that you value the most?

These are the things you can do at the St. Petersburg Museum of History. It may not be that much, but it adds to the storied past of the city.


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